Diving with Enriched Air (Nitrox) is especially recommended when doing multiple dives a day or if you want to extend your bottom time. Before diving with Enriched Air, you need to complete the Enriched Air Nitrox Specialty. This course is performed on land and diving is optional.

There are two ways to do this course.
Traditional or eLearning. The Happy Hippo Diving offers both.

Traditional Enriched Air Nitrox Specialty

After reading your manual and watching the video, you will take an exam, learn to analyze the oxygen content of your breathing gas, complete the Nitrox fill log and use a Nitrox computer on 2 simulated dives. After this, you will be certified to dive with Enriched Air all over the world. The entire course takes about 3 hours of your time with the instructor and about 2 hours of self-study.

eLearning Enriched Air Nitrox Specialty

When choosing the online portion, you will only do the practical part here with The Happy Hippo. The cost for the eLearning version is for free. So, you only have to pay an amount directly to PADI when registering for the online theory. The entire course takes about 1.5 hours of your time with the Instructor and about 2 hours of self-study.

The web-based system covers all the enriched air diver course content and allows you to study at your own pace. You also have access to an online version of the Enriched Air Diver Manual.

If you want to register for online theory, you do it through The Happy Hippo Diving.
Please contact us for more info.

After completing the theory (eLearning or traditional) you’ll apply the knowledge you’ve learned by practicing procedures for obtaining and analyzing enriched air with us and finish the course with an open water enriched air dive.

What you will learn

During this specialty you will learn why diving with air that has higher oxygen and lower nitrogen content gives you more bottom time, along with enriched air equipment considerations.

During a practical session, and one scuba dive, you’ll:

● Discuss managing oxygen exposure
● Practice analyzing oxygen content in your scuba tank
● Set your dive computer for diving with enriched air nitrox
● Learn about equipment like an oxygen analyser
● Plan and do a dive using Enriched Air..


Minimum Age: 12 years old.
Certified PADI Open Water Diver.
Medically fit for diving.
Medical Questionnaire
Because this is dive training, there is a medical form involved. You need to be fit for diving before you start your course. Contact us for more information.
Your dive computer.
Time Commitment: approx 3.5 – 18 hours.


Dedicated nitrox cylinders.

Oxygen analyzer.


Those are but a few of our specialty courses offered.

We offer more specialties on special request.
Contact Us and find out more.