Help save Caribbean reefs from invasive Lionfish!

The lionfish is an invasive species in the Caribbean. Because they don’t have any natural predators here, they have the chance to multiply quickly, overtaking and killing native species, which results in a huge danger for the local environment and aquatic life in the Caribbean. To control this invasion, hunting lionfish is only allowed under strict rules.

We teach the Lionfish Hunter Specialty in small groups of maximum 4 people, so you will get all the personal attention you need before, during and after the course.

What you will learn

You will learn the techniques involved in the usage of Lionfish removal systems, primarily the ELF Lionfish removal tool, and Lionfish containment devices, such as the Zookeeper™, within recreational limits, the use of the “Spotter” and “Hunter” method of Lionfish removal, how to avoid disturbing delicate marine life while hunting Lionfish, how to safely hunt & handle Lionfish and how to avoid being stung by a Lionfish.

Performance Requirements

PADI Lionfish Hunter specialty course certification training is typically conducted with a brief classroom session and Lionfish removal tool workshop, followed by open water training dives.

To achieve certification, you will need to:

  • Participate in the classroom training session and complete the Lionfish Hunter Knowledge Review provided by your instructor.
  • Participate in the Lionfish Removal Tool Workshop.
  • Complete (2) Lionfish Hunter training dives with a PADI Lionfish Hunter Instructor


Minimum Age: 15 years old.

Certified PADI Open Water Diver or equivalent.

Medically fit for diving.

Medical Questionnaire
Because this is dive training, there is a medical form involved. You need to be fit for diving before you start your course. Contact us for more information.

Time Commitment: approx 1 day.

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