The following terms and conditions apply for bookings at The Happy Hippo Diving:

The Happy Hippo Diving runs courses exclusively on demand. All fees must be paid in full prior to starting the course. All other booking terms and conditions apply.

You are entitled to a full refund less the price of training materials supplied if you cancel up to fourteen (14) days prior to the commencement of the course. When there is less than fourteen (14) days’ notice before the course start date there will be no refund payable.

Bookings made within fourteen (14) days prior to the scheduled commencement date of a dive course are non-refundable.

If you have chosen the eLearning option for a course, you will lose the cost of the eLearning option (price varies depending on the course but is equal to the amount PADI charges for that eLearning option at the time of cancellation).

Once you start/commence the course and wish to cancel then no refund can be provided.

Once you begin a dive course and you complete the course on a different date (on a date other than the one stipulated in the course) extra costs will apply.

If you choose not to show up without notifying us in advance, you will forfeit your entire booking.

We advise you to obtain trip insurance when you book your vacation.

If we are unable to do a day of your course due to bad weather, The Happy Hippo Diving will move you to the next available day instead.

Preparing for a course or (guided) dive:

Medical Statement:

Prior to any course, we will send you a medical statement. If any of the stated questions are answered with a YES, you must visit a doctor for medical clearance. If you show up for a course with a ‘YES’ on the medical statement and you don’t have clearance from a medical doctor, you can’t start the course. Costs to reschedule the course will be charged to the guest.

There are no alcohol, drugs and smoking allowed at any time during the entire course or guided dive.


Most courses require homework in advance, like eLearning. Students who didn’t complete their homework delay the course for other participants and might therefore not be able to continue the course. Extra costs to continue, later on, will be charged to the guest.

Being late or no show for a dive or a course:

The Happy Hippo Diving will clearly communicate with you at what time we expect you to be at the agreed place for your dive or course. If guests are late, we will wait a maximum of 15 minutes. If a guest misses a dive because of being late, there is no refund. Students might not be able to start or continue their course if showing up late.

“Registration and Logsheet”, “Diving Release And Waiver”, “Release of Liability”:

You are requested to fill in our “Registration and Logscheet”, “Diving Release And Waiver” and our “Release of Liability” please place your initials and signing where necessary for agreement.

Customers must acknowledge that any diving equipment used or borrowed is your responsibility, and you are financially accountable for any loss or damage through carelessness, e.g. not attaching your cylinder to the boat it falls, or your tank is on the Pick-up Truck and falls, dropping your weight belt on equipment and damaging it. You, the customer, authorize The Happy Hippo Diving to charge you to cover any loss or damages to equipment borrowed or hired.

The Happy Hippo Diving is not responsible for any personal loss, damages to equipment, injury or seasickness.

Bonaire National Marine Park Fee (only applicable for diving in Bonaire):

All the waters surrounding Bonaire are part of the internationally recognized Bonaire National Marine Park.Before entering these waters, all users are required by law to purchase the STINAPA Marine Park Tag (Nature Fee). This fee is $45 per diver or $25 for all watersports excluding diving.

You can purchase your STINAPA e-tag online here.

Please bring your printed STINAPA e-tag (QR-code) when you check-in (either on phone or printed).